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July 18.2004 3:07 PM EDT
JMNewsletter's journey to end

The final Writing Team newsletter has been sent out (Deadline: Aug. 5th, 2005 at 7:00pm EDT). In it, Editor-in-Chief James Molnar says: "After years of publication and over 180 pages of print, the printing press will be turned off (at least for the JMNewsletter). I know that it has been a wonderful run, one that will not soon be forgotten."



APRIL - JULY 2004: James Molnar continues he column and Virginia Molnar and Pamela Molnar write about summer, among other things.



APRIL - JULY 2004: View this month's interesting question.



DREAMS: James Molnar uses a live experience to make some conclusions. He finds out that his emotions come into play in dreams.



SOCIETY NEWS: Columnist Virginia Molnar tackles the big parties around the town, especially the Ani Awards and more family news and events.

THE OTHER SIDE: Columnist Gloria Liegel continues her column on the Other Side of the family, which Virginia Molnar doesn’t cover. Read it now.

BIRTHDAYS: Find out who has a birthday so that you don't forget to wish them 'Happy Birthday' on their special day.

E-MAIL THE LATEST NEWS & BIRTHDAYS: If you have knowledge of any family news, e-mail us the latest.


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