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Mission and Identity

The J. Molnar Studios were created in 1995 with its one and only show, 20 Action News. After a couple of years, it was evident that one show could not contain the creative power and boom of the studios. This led to more shows being created. 20 Action News then became The Newsroom, in order to show that the studios were original and fresh. In 1999, their future was set when their first awards show, The American Animal Awards, which premiered in April. Since that spring, the studios have never been the same. More shows, such as The Jail Cell and Let's Crack that Safe!, were produced. This highlighted the multifariousness of the J. Molnar Studios and its continued growth.

The James Molnar Network was formed from the J. Molnar Studios on January 1st, 2001. Its new promise was to be the “network of the future.” The reason for the change was a new interminable goal of being a network of well-stringed studios that work together to create great shows and specials. The same month of the formation of JMN, The JMNewsletter was created. The monthly newspaper about the James Molnar Network was sent to supporters to inform them about current news and event surrounding JMN. The JMNewsletter was a smash hit and published more than 180 pages of print before the printing press were turned off because of James going to college.

Be sure to follow the JMN Studios as it continues into its second decade and continues its path to an extraordinary future.


The premiere film for the newest division
of the JMN Studios by James A. Molnar.
Liaison is a French foreign language film
(with English subtitles). The site is one
of the largest projects commissioned.

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